“People hear you on the level you speak with them. Speak from your heart and they will hear with theirs” Marianne Williamson

My intention is to inspire people to mindfully and positively tend to their mind, body, spirit, and relationship to self and others with compassion and curiosity. I very much want to hear your story, and to help you identify and overcome any challenges that are impacting your relationships or overall well-being. Counselling can be a resource for exploring life’s challenges, a space to process emotional pain, an avenue to help broaden one’s perspective, and a resource to help build upon and celebrate one’s strengths and skill sets for personal and relational growth. In counselling we explore how you relate to the world and how the world relates to you; this includes exploring how issues that exist within society impact you. Counselling can connect you to your inner guidance system and help you recognize your personal influence and responsibility in a situation. It can be a supportive means for exploring the ways you desire to evolve, re-create, and re-imagine how you might like to be experiencing your life.

You are inherently a worthy and valuable person, no matter your age, life experiences, or background. It is your personal right to set and achieve goals, to nurture a desired way of life, and to embrace an identity you are aligned with. You are capable of self-love and caring, meaningful relationships. By strengthening your resilience and courage within, along with some tools for change and self-awareness, you can face the unsettling, imperfect, and sometimes painful nature of our humanness.