“People hear you on the level you speak with them. Speak from your heart and they will hear with theirs.” – Marianne Williamson

My intention is to inspire people to mindfully and positively tend to their mind, body, spirit, and relationships with compassion and loving kindness. Counselling can be a resource for exploring life’s challenges and hurts and to heal from them, to broaden one’s perspective, and to help build on strengths and skill sets for personal and relational growth. ‘Happiness is an inner journey’ and through counselling you can connect with your inner guidance system, recognize your personal influence and responsibility in a situation, and re-invent, re-create, and re-imagine how you might like your life to look, in co-collaboration with a supportive counsellor.

You are of value, no matter your age or background. It is your right to set and achieve goals and to nurture a life you want to lead. Not only are you capable of self-love and loving, meaningful relationships, but also, with resilience and courage within, along with some tools for change, you can face the sometimes unsettling, imperfect, and sometimes painful nature of humanness.